Pay off your home safely within 15 years!

No gimmicks, no need to negative gear your way to multiple properties, just a solid map and great people to help you invest in property and pay off your home safely in 15 years.

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  • Rates from As Low As 1.25% (comparison 1.84%)

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Three reasons to try us

A Home Loan As Low As

Get access to a game changing home loan rate from as low as 1.25% and with a fixed price, tenant ready investment home design.

Getting You Financially Fit

We're committed to giving you more than just access to great rates, our professional panel work tirelessly to access the best investment build designs, loan products and property outcomes.

We're Protecting Your Interests

Our national broker and builder panel goals are growing your wealth strategy, with integrity and purpose. Plus we are 100% Australian owned and operated.

How it really works?

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Register for our information pack today. Our Investment Matchmaker team will get in touch with you in the coming days to get you started.

Understanding Your Eligibility

Our national panel of accredited brokers will discuss your financial goals and help you build a strategy toward reaching them sooner, from better money management to stronger performing interest focused finance options.


Apply Your New Financial Muscle

Imagine financial freedom gained by saving thousands of dollars of interest off your home loan, while enjoying the rewards of building wealth through fixed price, tenant ready house designs!

About Our Company

Australian owned and operated, we provide a genuine service that links you with a strong professional panel to position short and long - term strategic financial outcomes backed by a national network.


We truly believe that every successful financial strategy starts with an excellent client relationship, with an investment broker. We then connect you with the right builder who works alongside your investment broker to deliver a strategic product that will accelerate your financial journey

Planning your financial future has never been so EASY!

Enjoying financial freedom has never been so easy, let our Broker and Builder panel guide you into a finance and property strategy that gives you the freedom to enjoy your wealth journey.

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So what's the catch?

Yes it is real. The Taxation Office has even provided a Product Ruling which approves the Home Loan structure. Too find out more, enquire today and discuss with the Investment Match Maker Team.

We are a digitally based business located in Australia. The Brokers and Builders on our panel are located nationally.

The Team at Investment Match Maker have access to Brokers and Builders Nationally. They will refer you to a Broker and Builder relevant to your individual circumstances.

To qualify you need an Owner Occupied Home Loan and either have an existing Investment Property Home Loan or in the process to acquiring your First Investment Property. To find out more, enquire today and discuss with the Investment Match Maker Team.

Current Taxation Regulations provide greater potential Taxation Benefits if you build. The Team at Investment Match Maker understand that building is not for everyone or best fits their Investment Strategy. The Team at Investment Match Maker can also assist you referring to other Network Professionals Nationally that suits your individual requirements.